Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What is PolyBase?

PolyBase is a New technology ...
  • Integrates Microsoft product with Hadoop
  • Installing this feature requires Oracle Java JRE 7.
  • Previously a Parallel Datawarehouse feature only, now its part of standard SQL Server product 2016.
So, With the help of PolyBase, you can,
  • Fetch the data from Hadoop and even allow that data to be joined with native relational tables, means we can get the integrated results from each source.
  • Join structured and semi-structured data seamlessly.
  • Import data from HDFS to relational tables.
  • Export data from relational tables to HDFS.
Next Steps:
Go through the below artifactes which may give some insights on PolyBase
PASS talk: Polybase: What, Why, How
Polybase: Hadoop Integration in SQL Server PDW V2
MSDN: Getting started with PolyBase 
Hope This Helps!

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