Monday, January 25, 2010

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Take your projects to a higher level with Microsoft Office 2010
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Discover how you can bring your ideas to life with Microsoft Office 2010
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With the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta, you can try out all the new features that will help take your projects to a higher level — long before the new version of Office is available for purchase. Express your ideas, connect with others, and create amazing results virtually anywhere life takes you with Office 2010.
Turn ideas into powerful presentations. In addition to the enhanced image-editing tools, now you can edit video files right in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. And with Broadcast Slide Show, you can deliver your presentations in real time to virtually anyone with an Internet connection.1
Manage email easily. Gain control over your email with Microsoft Outlook 2010. The new Conversation view lets you consolidate the discussions you're interested in, ignore the ones you're not, and get more things done faster.
Organize your thoughts. Keep track of your best ideas with Microsoft OneNote 2010. It gives you one convenient place to collect any thoughts, images, videos, or Web links for a project — and then find them with a simple search tool.
Work however and whenever you want. Microsoft Office Backstage view has a quick way to store documents online and access them from virtually anywhere. And Microsoft Office Web Applications make it easy to work on group projects together, whether you're miles apart or just down the hall.2
Experience how Office 2010 adds impact, energy, and efficiency to every project. Download the Office 2010 Beta today.
1 An appropriate device, Internet connection, supported browser (Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox 3.56 or later, or Safari 4 or later), and Windows Live ID are required.
2 Microsoft Office Web Apps are currently only available to individuals using the Office 2010 Beta. Please note that only select Office Web Apps support online editing at this time.
Microsoft Office 2010 Beta
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  1. I'm hoping to download the Office 2010 Beta, but before I download it, I want to know if I can also keep my current Office 2007 setup as well: I'm not particularly keen on nuking it and replacing it with Beta software at this point in time.
    So, can it be done?

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for Visiting My Site!!

    You can keep it both,

    Refer this link,

    Babu A