Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SQL Server Management Studio Query Designer Shortcuts

While writing and editing scripts, we often try to use the keyboard as much as possible. This should be the same for SQL Server scripts as well. When using the Query Designer in SSMS there are some shortcuts that will help you be more efficient and in this tip we will take a look at a few of these shortcuts.
As you know, shortcut keys play a vital role. A shortcut is a key or combination of keys assigned to perform an operation.
The best and familiar shortcut keys are:
  • Save (CTRL + S) or (ALT + F + S)
  • Copy (CTRL + C)
  • Paste (CTRL + V)
  • Cut (CTRL + X)
  • Undo (CTRL + Z)
  • Redo (CTRL + Y)
These are all familiar shortcuts keys which are common and standard across most of the modern operating systems and associated applications to perform the same activities.
In this tip, we will look at a couple of shortcut keys to work with the "Query Designer" editor in SSMS.
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