Monday, August 17, 2009

Read Event Log using C#

The Following sample code helps to Read Data from Event Log. This is a sample windows application written by using C#.

In the following sample code, I used 2 controls, Listbox and EventLog Controls.

Set the Log Property of Eventlog control to name of the log to read or write. I selected System Log to test this code

In the Form Load Event, I written the following code,

foreach (System.Diagnostics.EventLogEntry entry in eventLog1.Entries)
listBox1.Items.Add(entry.EntryType.ToString() +
" - " + entry.TimeWritten + " - " + entry.Source + " - " + entry.UserName);

This code, read the Data from Log file and written display in to listbox control.

Now if run the code, it will display as shown in screen shot


  1. Windows Event Helper C# "Integration with EventLog"::

  2. thanks 4 this tutorial this tutorial help to view event log entries

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