Thursday, June 24, 2010

Forms Of Normalization

This is continuation of my previous post "What is Normalization"

I hope following Brief Notes about Normalization will be helpful to you,

First Normal Form (1NF): 
·         No repeating group of data items
·         Each column should contain specific values
·         Each row is equivalent logical record
·         Relation should contains records of identical format

Second Normal Form (2NF):
·         Foreign Key Relation Ship
·         Each data items in a record is functionally dependent on the key of that record
·         Each record uniquely identified with the Key
·         No Redundant data
·         It should full fill the 1NF

Third Normal Form (3NF):
·         First Full fill second normal form
·         Example Fact Table
·         All non-key functionally dependent on primary key

Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF):
·         Eliminate redundancy
·         It adheres both 2NF AND 3NF

Fourth Normal Form (4NF):
·         Eliminate multi dependency

Fifth Normal Form (5NF):
·         Eliminate cyclic dependency

Sixth Normal Form (6NF):
·         It satisfies No Non Trivial join at all,
·         Extending relational model, temporal dimensions

Domain Key Normal Form (DKNF):
·         No constraints other than domain constraints


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  2. Hi Babu,

    Explanation of all the above NF's with a tabled examples would be more apt and will make more sense.