Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What is Normalization?

  • It is a process of efficiently organize the data in Database
  • Normalization is Invented by Edgar Frank "Ted" Codd

Main goals of Normalization:
  • Eliminate redundant Data
  • Ensure Data Dependencies make sense

Advantages of Normalization:
  • Reduce the Space consumption
  • Ensure Data is logically stored

Types of Normal Forms:
  • First Normal Form (1NF)
  • Second Normal Form (2NF)
  • Third Norm (3NF)
  • Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF)
  • Forth Normal Form (4NF)
  • Fifth Normal Form (5NF)
  • Domain/Key Normal Form (DKNF)
  • Sixth Normal Form (6NF)

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