Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fix: Unable to create the type with the name 'SPCRED'

I tried to export one of the SSIS packages from Integration Services catalog. I got the below error
"Unable to create the type with the name 'SPCRED'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS)"
When I explore this issue, found that the package extracts data from SharePoint list. but we don't have inbuilt component in SSIS to fetch the data from SharePoint. So We need to use third party connecter which is exists in CodePlex "SharePoint List Source and Destination"
after Install this connector, I can export the  SSIS packages from Integration Services catalog without any issues.
Also, you can see this connector added in SSIS connection Manger
  • If it is not appeared in connection manager then you've to restart your Visual studio if it opened
  • If not appeared in connection Manager after restart your VS, then the version you installed is not compatible with your VS, so choose the Proper version and install it.


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