Thursday, July 9, 2009



One of my friend, Mr.Raju Kandasamy has developed a tool "
TinyDesigner" for web designers. it is really good one for web designer. have a look at this TinyDesigner, hope it helps everyone.

It is not a Microsoft Technology, but it is a technology from adobe.


TinyDesigner - Web 2.0 interface style web sites are becoming more popular and appealing these days. There are lack of FREE/Online tools to create such appealing web 2.0 graphic designs. Tiny Designer fills this gap by providing a FREE Rich Internet application, which can enable designers to create web 2.0 style vector graphics designs in no time. To prove that this tool works effective, The graphics in the entire site is designed with Tiny Designer application alone.

  • Customizable presets for Gradients, style and symbols
  • Easy to use vector drawing tools
  • Look and feel of native standalone application
  • Save / Open design projects.
  • Export designs as PNG images
  • Snap vector objects to Grid
  • Background transparency control
  • Easy to use tool pallets
  • Standard filter effects such as Drop Shadow, Glow, Bevel and Blur
  • Packed with turorials
The showcase of designs and presets are available in, and to start using the application simply go to

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