Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Connecting to a Remote Server's Integration Services.

By Default, we can connect the Database Engine, Analysis services of remote server using SQL Server management studio using Windows Authentication. But in the same way we can’t do for Integration services. If you want access the Integration services on remote server, then you need to do enable Remote access and provide access to the user by following the steps given below:-

To configure rights for remote users:-
1.       If the user is not a member of the local Administrators group, add the user to the Distributed COM Users group. You can do this in the Computer Management MMC snap-in accessed from the Administrative Tools menu.

2.       Open Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Component Services to start the Component Services MMC snap-in.

3.       Expand the Component Services node in the left pane of the console. Expand the Computers node, expand My Computer, and then click the DCOM Config node.

4.       Select the DCOM Config node, and then select MsDtsServer in the list of applications that can be configured.

5.       Right-click on MsDtsServer and select Properties.

6.       In the MsDtsServer Properties dialog box, select the Security tab.

7.       Under Launch and Activation Permissions, select Customize, then click Edit to open the Launch Permission dialog box.

8.       In the Launch Permission dialog box, add or delete users, and assign the appropriate permissions to the appropriate users and groups. The available permissions are Local Launch, Remote Launch, Local Activation, and Remote Activation. The Launch rights grant or deny permission to start and stop the service; the Activation rights grant or deny permission to connect to the service.

9.       Click OK to close the dialog box.

10.   Under Access Permissions, repeat steps 7 and 8 to assign the appropriate permissions to the appropriate users and groups.

11.   Close the MMC snap-in.

12.   Restart the Integration Services service.

To connect to Integration Services on a Remote Server

1.       Open SQL Server Management Studio.

2.       Select File, Connect Object Explorer to display the Connect to Server dialog box.

3.       Select Integration Services in the Server type list.

4.       Type the name of a SQL Server Integration Services server in the Server name text box.

5.       Click Connect.

If it connects then you can execute the ETL Packages which are all deployed at the server by passing valid credential.

Still if you can’t access, then you have to configure the server’s firewall by adding  the SSIS program in exception list.

Hope it helps!

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