Monday, February 6, 2012


Today I Came across the Term Called “FASMI”, when I google about this term, I found following answers.

FASMI is an Alternative Term for OLAP, an Each Character of term holds definition which are listed below:

Fast Analysis (FA) – is defined in the OLAP scenario in five seconds or less.
Shared (S) – Must support access to data by many users in the factors of Sensitivity and Write Backs.
Multidimensional (M) – The data inside the OLAP Database must be multidimensional structure.
Information (I) – The OLAP database must support large volumes of data.

This term is invented by “Nigel Pendse” who is a BI and OLAP analyst and the editor of The BI Verdict (formerly The OLAP Report) and author of The BI Survey (previously known as The OLAP Survey).

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