Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Reporting Services Works?

Here I’ve explained briefly on how Reporting service requests are handled through the components of SSRS architecture.
As shown in the diagram: Firstly, request will be received by Reporting server’s OS through Http.sys Driver, the driver will route the communication to reporting service’s Web service.  Http Listener will receive the request which will be re-routed by Http.sys.
Http Listener transfers the request to Security sub layer (SSL) for authentication.  Requestor is identified using 4 different authentication mechanisms like Kerberos, NTLM, Negotiate and basic authentication.
Each mechanism supports different approach. Once user has been authorized by SSL, user communication will be redirected to either Report Manager or Report Server which is hosted in RS web services (refer the exhibit). These two components will read the report definition, report details like parameter, building report query, and some of the activities which are listed below, etc., will be done with the help of Core Processing unit.
Activities of Core Processing component are:-
  • Scheduling
  • Subscription Management
  • Report Processing
Upon completion of processing all SSRS components, Report output will be rendered on report viewer.
Hope this is helpful!

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