Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Types of Hierarchies in Data Warehouse:

Hierarchies are logical entities that an end user can use to analyze fact data.  These entities can be made of one or multiple levels.

Hierarchies are classified as three ways:-
1. Balanced
2. Unbalanced
3. Ragged

Have a look at the exhibit given below, hope it will help you to understand about the types of hierarchies in better way

Balanced Hierarchies:-
Each level in a hierarchy has the same number of members above it as any other member at the same level

Un Balanced Hierarchies:-
Each level in a hierarchy may not the same number of members as the member which are at the same level, refer the hierarchy structure shown above.

Ragged Hierarchies:-

It is not like balanced Hierarchy, the logical parent member of at least one member is not in the level immediately above the member. It will skip the immediate parent. 

For Example: In a company, all the divisions will be reporting to the VP thru hierarchical structure, but Finance department will directly reporting to VP without any middle level.

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