Friday, February 17, 2012

SSRS 2008 - Subscriptions Types

Usually the term, Subscription is used for a fixed set of services, such as one copy of each issue of a magazines, newspaper for a certain period of time

SSRS subscriptions allow developer to help the users/clients by configuring the subscription, which will deliver the reports into the hands of your users/clients based on predefined schedule, or at specific event, such as data changes, updates., etc.,

SQL Server Reporting services support two types of subscription as classified below
1. Standard Subscriptions
2. Data Driven Subscriptions

Standard Subscriptions
·  This subscription is created and managed by Individual users, it gives more freedom to its user
·  It consists of default pre-defined parameter values which will not varied during subscription process
·  In this subscription, a report is rendered in a specific format with default parameter, and delivered to a single, pre-set location

Data Driven Subscriptions
·  This subscription is used to call as Dynamic Subscription.
· It is more flexible and better for managing delivery of reports to a larger number users with varying needs.
· To use data-driven subscriptions, you must have expertise in building queries and an understanding of how parameters are used. Report server administrators typically create and manage these subscriptions.
· You might use data-driven subscriptions if you have a very large recipient list or if you want to vary report output for each recipient.

By Default, Subscription delivery is limited to e-mail transmittal

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