Thursday, November 26, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 - Zoom Text Editor

This is an enhanced editor feature in Visual Studio 2010. You can Zoom the text content in Visual studio IDE. This feature already integrated with all Microsoft products, but in Visual Studio, it is introduced in VS 2010 version only.

In Visual Studio 2010 code editor window, you can quickly Zoom in or Zoom out by pressing and holding the CTRL key and Scroll Mouse Wheel.

Also you can zoom the textual tool windows of VS 2010 IDE, for example, the Output window.

Note: The zoom feature does not work on any design surfaces, designer windows that contain icons, for example, the Toolbox or Solution Explorer.

See the Exhibit Of sample of this new feature:


  1. This is a very annoying feature, because it zooms when I do not want it to. Is there any way to disable the textbox? The box gets selected by accident and once you scroll the zoom changes when you do not want it to!

  2. Very usefull feature! But how can i set default scale?

  3. I'm looking also for the feature to set a default scale.

  4. Me three. Anything on how to set this?