Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to create Data source is SSIS?

Before I explain, how to create Data source is SSIS?

We need to know the following:

  • What is Data Source?
  • What is the use of it?

A data source is a connection reference to the database, Database may be anything like SQL, Oracle, DB2, Excel, MS Access, etc.,

A data source contains the credentials of the database, which you want to access. By using this data source, we can access all the database objects like Tables, views, stored procedures, etc., Also we can perform all the database activities like creating and modifying DB objects.

I hope you understood about Data source and its usage. Now you can create the Data Source by the following way:
  1. Once you created new project in SSIS
  2. Open Solution Explorer
  3. Right click on Data Sources in Solution Explorer
  4. Select New Data Source …
  5. Data Source Wizard will open, here click “New” Button
  6. Connection Manager will open, here select the Provider which is suitable to your database
  7. then fill all the required credential of the Database
  8. Ensure you entered the correct credential by Click On “Test Connection”
  9. Click Ok to Finish

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