Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SSIS 2005 Vs. SSIS 2008 - Default Menu

I started exploring the changes and new features, which are implemented along with SSIS 2008 release, including look and feel, IDE Appearance, new and modified features etc.,

Here I mentioned some of new changes in menu structure.

When You Open, SQL Server Integration services (SSIS) IDE (Visual Studio), it will display the default Menu structure.

If we compare the menu structure of VS IDE for SSIS 2008 with 2005,
  1. Community menu has been removed from 2008, which was there in 2005
  2. Test menu is added newly in 2008
SSIS 2005  - Default Menu


 SSIS 2008  - Default Menu

SSIS 2005  - Community Menu

SSIS 2008  - Test Menu

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