Friday, June 26, 2009

Environment Layout Options in SQL Server Management Studio

SQL Server 2005 or later version provides option to organize the appearance of opened SQL windows in 2 ways. One is Tab Document Format and other one is MDI environment Format.

You can set this Format by,

In SQL Server Management Studio,

Tools à Options à Environment à General à Environment Layout à Select Option you Desire Here, Either MDI (Multiple Document Interface) or Tab.

See the screenshot

If you use MDI environment, you can see only one window at time. If more than one window is opened, you can activate other window by using Ctrl + Tab keys.

Here I opened many query windows, due to MDI Options, it will shows one will be active, as shown in the screen shot.

If you use Tab Document, you can see Multiple Tabs on the Query windows, you can switch over any window by Ctrl + Tab keys or Click on the Tab

Hope it helps to someone.

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