Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Turn Off “Saving Auto Recovery information” in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Today I faced some problem, when I’m writing some query in SQL Server Management studio (SSMS) 2008. The problem is SSMS window is getting hang or stuck some seconds due to “Saving Auto Recovery information”. This is happened some interval of time. Then I tried to turn-off this option, but I can’t find out any option to turn-off.
I found somewhere, we can control it thru Registry, This is not good idea to edit the registry directly, but i couldn't found anyother solutions...

The following are the steps to Turn-off this “Saving Auto Recovery information” option
  • Select Start, Goto Run
  • Type RegEdit, Enter
  • Go to this path
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Shell\General\AutoRecover
Here you can find 3 fields as shown in the figure.

Double click on the “Auto Recover Enabled, you can see the Edit window with current value “1”, change this value to “0” then press ok. If you want, you can Turn on this option by setting value to “1” on the same path.


  1. Thank you for posting this. I have been haunted by this mysterious lockoup in SSMS 2008 for some time and have been blaming it on my IT guys having made som kind of change to the system.

    Thank you! Thank you!

    And "BAD, VERY BAD!" to Microsoft (especially the MS SQL Server Tools Team) for not easily prvoding a way within the SSMS to turn this darn thing off!

  2. Thank you for this post. It was driving me mad!

  3. Nice very nice. You explain it very easily, good.

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  5. Thanks for this post, it was driving me mad (2)

  6. Very useful information!

  7. To disable it and gain some performance (particularly with large solutions in, go to Tools > Options > Environment > AutoRecover and uncheck Save AutoRecovery information