Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Microsoft .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit Version 3.0

Brief Description:
Now Free - the .NET Micro Framework Porting Kit allow you to adapt the Version 3.0 runtime to your specific hardware in the supported toolchains (Note: there is a service pack available for this release)

The Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework is a platform that enables developers to more quickly develop embedded systems that are smart, securely connected, and easier to manage. With the version 3.0 release, the .NET Micro Framework enables developers to create powerful embedded systems that are more securely connected through a variety of wired and wireless protocols. With this Porting Kit you’ll be able to create, modify, and build Micro Framework firmware images that are customized to your needs. Using the Solution Wizard, you can select the right set of features, libraries, and memory settings to provide the optimal image size for your needs. You can then write new drivers, leverage native code routines through interop, and deploy them on your device hardware. To get started, please read the introductory material in the Porting Kit documentation. The documentation contains a lot of useful information on the Micro Framework architecture, build system, driver model, libraries, and how you these are used to create a new firmware image for your hardware. In addition, we are extending our very successful newsgroups to include groups specific to porting as well as the SDK so that you can exchange information with other engaged in the same process. You can find links to these newsgroups and other useful information at http://microsoft.com/netmf. As described in the Porting Kit license agreement, you are free to use this Porting Kit to build as many firmware images as you would like for testing purposes. The Porting Kit generates “evaluation firmware” images that are limited to 30 days of use. As soon as you decide to go to production, or even before that, please contact us at netmfbiz@microsoft.com to begin the process for licensing the unrestricted version of the firmware libraries. These are identical to the libraries already in the kit, but are not limited to 30 days of use. The Micro Framework Porting Kit supports the adaptation of the platform to specific hardware for processors using the RealView, Keil and GCC toolchains for the ARM processors (including Cortex) and the xxx toolchain for the ADI Blackfin processors (others?). This package comes with sample port for the following processors: Atmel SAM9261_EK development board (Atmel AT91SAM9261); Atmel SAM7X_EK development board (with the latest 512KB flash processor part); Phytec phyCORE-ARM7/LPC2294; Rapid Development Kit PCM023 for NXP LPC2294 processor ; Crossbow MOTE2 platform from Crossbow (for Marvell PXA271 processor); Freescale i.MXS development kit (Freescale MC9328MXS)board for i.MXS processor

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