Thursday, June 4, 2009

Visual Studio : Window manipulation Keys

Shift-Alt-Enter : Toggles full screen mode

Ctrl-+ : Goes back to the previous location in the navigation history. (For example, if you press Ctrl-Home to go to the start of a document, this shortcut will take the cursor back to wherever it was before you pressed Ctrl-Home.)

Ctrl-Shift-+ : Moves forward in the navigation history. This is effectively an undo for the View.NavigateBackward operation

Ctrl-F4 : Closes the current MDI child window

Shift-Esc : Closes the current tool window

Ctrl-F2 : Moves the cursor to the navigation bar at the top of a code view

Ctrl-Tab : Cycles through the MDI child windows one window at a time

Ctrl-F6,Ctrl-Shift-Tab : Moves to the previous MDI child window

Alt-F6,Ctrl-Shift-F6 : Moves to the next tool window

Shift-Alt-F6 : Moves to the previously selected window

F6 : Moves to the next pane of a split pane view of a single document

Shift-F6 : Moves to the previous pane of a document in split pane view

Ctrl-Pagedown : Moves to the next tab in the document or window (e.g., you can use this to switch the HTML editor from its design view to its HTML view

Ctrl-PageUp : Moves to the previous tab in the document or window

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