Thursday, June 4, 2009

SQL Server : Query Analyzer Keys

CTRL-SHIFT-F2 : Clear all bookmarks.

CTRL+F2 : Insert or remove a bookmark (toggle).

F2 : Move to next bookmark.

SHIFT+F2 : Move to previous bookmark.

ALT+BREAK : Cancel a query.

CTRL+O : Connect.

CTRL+F4 : Disconnect.

CTRL+F4 : Disconnect and close child window.

ALT+F1 : Database object information.

CTRL+SHIFT+DEL : Clear the active Editor pane.

CTRL+SHIFT+C : Comment out code.

CTRL+C or Ctrl+Insert : Copy

CTRL+X or Shift+Del : Cut

SHIFT+TAB : Decrease indent.

CTRL+DEL : Delete through the end of a line in the Editor pane.

CTRL+F : Find.

CTRL+G : Go to a line number.

TAB : Increase indent.

CTRL+SHIFT+L : Make selection lowercase.

CTRL+SHIFT+U : Make selection uppercase.

CTRL+V or Shift+Insert : Paste.

CTRL+SHIFT+R : Remove comments.

F3 : Repeat last search or find next.

CTRL+H : Replace.

CTRL+A : Select all.

CTRL+Z : Undo.

F5 or Ctrl + E or ALT+X : Execute a query.

F1 : Help for Query Analyzer.

SHIFT+F1 : Help for the selected Transact-SQL statement.

F6 : Switch between query and result panes.

Shift+F6 : Switch panes.

CTRL+W : Window Selector.

CTRL+N : New Query window.

F8 : Object Browser (show/hide).

F4 : Object Search.

CTRL+F5 : Parse the query and check syntax.

CTRL+P : Print

CTRL+D : Display results in grid format.

CTRL+T : Display results in text format.

CTRL+B : Move the splitter.

CTRL+SHIFT+F : Save results to file.

CTRL+R : Show Results pane (toggle).

CTRL+S : Save

CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT : Insert a template.

CTRL+SHIFT+M : Replace template parameters.

CTRL+L : Display estimated execution plan.

CTRL+K : Display execution plan (toggle ON/OFF).

CTRL+I : Index Tuning Wizard.

CTRL+SHIFT+S : Show client statistics

CTRL+SHIFT+T : Show server trace.

CTRL+U : Use database

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