Thursday, June 4, 2009

Visual Studio : Tool BOX window Keys

Ctrl-Shift-M : Toggles the Command window into or out of a mode allowing text within the window to be selected

Ctrl-Shift-C : Displays the Class View window

Ctrl-Alt-A : Displays the Command window, which allows you to type commands that manipulate the IDE

Ctrl-Alt-T : Displays the Document Outline window to view the flat or hierarchical outline of the current document

Ctrl-Alt-F : Displays the Favorites window, which lists shortcuts to web pages

Ctrl-Alt-O : Displays the Output window to view status messages at runtime

F4 : Displays the Properties window, which lists the design-time properties and events for the currently selected item

Shift-F4 : Displays the property pages for the item currently selected. (For example, use this to show a project's settings.)

Ctrl-Shift-E : Displays the Resource View window

Ctrl-Alt-S : Displays the Server Explorer window, which allows you to view and manipulate database servers, event logs, message queues, web services, and many other operating system services

Ctrl-Alt-R : Displays the web browser window, which allows you to view pages on the Internet

Ctrl-Alt-L : Displays the Solution Explorer, which lists the projects and files in the current solution

Ctrl-Alt-K : Displays the TaskList window, which displays tasks, comments, shortcuts, warnings, and error messages

Ctrl-Alt-X : Displays the Toolbox, which contains controls and other items that can be dragged into editor and designer windows

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